How to measure network throughoutput and another parameters of Windows machine using NT Testing TCP Tool (ntttcp)


Для того, чтобы протестировать сеть между двумя Windows-машинами, необбходимо скачать бесплатный инструмент NT TCP Testing tool от Microsoft отсюда.

Скачиваем, распаковываем, например, на диск С: в корень.

Далее на первой машине открываем cmd и заходим в папку соответствующую архитектуре Windows:

cd C:NTttcp-v5.28×64

запускаем в режиме приемника:

NTttcp.exe -r -m 4,0, -a 6

где -r – режим приемника,
-m – количество_сессий,Номер_ЦП,IP_этой_машины

На втором ПК/сервере делаем то же самое, только вместо ключа -r указываем ключ -s и IP первой машины.

После того, как тест пройдет, наслаждаемся результатами выведенными в консоль.

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Steps to do:

1. Download on both Windows machines NTttcp from MS site:

2. On both Win machines install NTttcp – installation is straightforward.

3. On both Win machines open CMD and cd to installed program’s dir (for x64 machines add (x86) and path must be in quotes):

cd “C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft CorporationNT Testing TCP Tool”

4. In that dir will be .docx document with instructions. According to it:

To use NTttcp as a receiver, change the name to NTttcpr.exe.

To use NTttcp as a sender, change the name to NTttcps.exe.

So, rename NTttcp_x64.exe (for x64 machine) as described above.

5. Launch receiver side by executing command:
NTttcpr -m 1,0, -a 6 -fr
arguments are:
“-m 1,0,” specifies a single thread bound to CPU 0 that is bound on the receiving computer to IP address
“-a 6” specifies asynchronous data transfer that posts six receive overlapped buffers.
“-fr” directs NTttcp to always post full-length (64 K) receive buffers.
This example uses the following default settings:
A buffer size of 64 KB.
The expected number of buffers to be received of 20,000.
A receiver that starts listening on port 5001.
6. Then execute the sender command and wait for results:
NTttcps -m 1,0, -a 2
runs NTttcps with the following explicit settings:
“-m 1,0,” specifies a single thread bound to CPU 0 that connects to the computer with IP address
“-a 2” specifies asynchronous data transfer that posts two send overlapped buffers.
Results will be like on on pics below:

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